Biden’s Trump-Bashing Tirade Isn’t Fooling Anyone

Democrat President Biden lashed out at his Washington and media critics and even the Americans who are stranded in Kabul during a much criticized, weird speech that he gave this Tuesday about his management of Afghanistan.

Biden turned away from reporters and would not accept questions, even as hundreds of American citizens were trapped in a nation which is now controlled by extremists, supposedly breaking a commitment that he made during his interview with ABC News some weeks back in which he stated that he would leave American troops in the nation until all Americans were evacuated.

Biden claimed that his mission, which ended with hundreds of American citizens getting left behind and 13 dead United States service members, was an “extraordinary success.”

“Back in April, I made a choice to end this war,” Biden said, seeming to take responsibility for his mistakes before quickly shifting blame onto other people. “As part of this decision, we set a deadline of Aug. 31st for our troops to get out.”

Biden originally pushed the deadline back to September 11 and later changed it to August 31.

Biden again pinned the blame for his disaster on the Afghan military, which he said had 300,000 troops to fight the Taliban.

But the Washington Post reported that this number is including police forces, and even for the military there was a high turnover. The total “was probably not even 30,000.”

The Wall Street Journal also previously reported that the Afghan military collapsed because the Biden White House removed air support, which left them unable to fight.

“We were ready when the Afghanistan people watched their government collapse and the president left the country and handed everything over to their enemy, the Taliban,” Biden said.

The comment appeared to contradict the report from The Washington Post that stated that it was the United States that made the deal, effectively delivering control of Afghanistan’s capital city to the Taliban. Biden later said that the Taliban “seized” the city.

Biden also seemed to downplay the American citizens who were left stranded by saying the administration had “reached out 19 times to Americans inside Afghanistan with many warnings and offers to aid them in leaving Afghanistan as far back as March.”

Author: Scott Dowdy