Biden’s Two Biggest Mistakes Make Him Completely Unelectable

A new poll reveals great unease with President Biden, whose White House has been combating against the Second Amendment during a bad economic recovery and increasing prices.

The Reuters poll revealed that as COVID-19 goes away, the economy is now the new top concern that Americans have, according to a Reuters poll on Wednesday.

The poll, which was done on June 11-17, said that Biden’s management of the economy lowered from an April number in which the majority approve of his performance.

The president also had a major decrease in his approval rating concerning gun control between the months of April and June. Support for his anti-gun agenda lowered 8 points across the board and 11 points from Democrats.

Biden’s approval on economic matters dropped by 4 percentage points down to 48 percent in the fresh poll, while his disapproval increased 4 points to 43 percent.

The Reuters article did not give sampling or margin of error details for the poll.

Democratic pollster Ryan Pougiales reported to Reuters that anxiety is widespread across the nation.

“There is a huge impatience,” Pougiales said. “Everyone is been kept inside their homes. Many have lost jobs or family members.”

Although Biden got strong backing for his economic programs, the poll showed his 78 percent approval had dropped by 7 percentage points since April.

Key voting blocs that Democrats reached out to in 2020 led the way, with an 11-point decrease among Democrats younger than 40 years old and an 8-point decrease among minority Democrats.

“He is in a delicate situation concerning the economy,” said Donald Green, a political science professor from Columbia University. “His base reaches from high tech areas to suburban voters to more average Democrats. These people all want different things when it comes to the economy.”

Only 35 percent of the people polled said they think the nation is going in the right direction.

Author: Blake Ambrose