Big Name Banks Abruptly Terminating Accounts of Conservatives

JPMorgan Chase bank has removed the account of General Michael Flynn, using the strange excuse of possible “reputational risk” for giving banking services to the Trump supporter and American patriot.

“After careful thought, we have decided to shut down your credit cards on Sept. 18, 2021 because continuing our relationship creates potential reputational risks to our company,” the banking giant said in a letter to General Flynn.

“You may receive more account closing notifications if you have more accounts using a different name or address,” they said.

You can read the letter here:

This news should not shock anyone after what happened across America in the past months. General Flynn could be the most prominent victim of a corporate repression which is meant to punish political dissidents, but others like congressional candidates Lauren Witzke and Laura Loomer have been targeted too.

Loomer had her rights broken by Stripe, who cancelled her account in a desire to break her freedom of speech and stop her journalism project led by the outspoken Florida candidate for United States House.

“Well. Just got back after giving a speech about censorship only to find out I have been BANNED from Stripe. Stripe was a last resort for me. I have been banned almost everywhere else. It is how I make a living using my website and fund my activism and journalism,” Loomer said.

“I’m a Congressional candidate within President Donald Trump’s home district and Stripe is our payment processor we use in the RNC,” she said.

Witzke, a former 2020 United States Senate candidate in Delaware, was hit by Wells Fargo, who deleted her account without giving her a notice and left her without funds.

“Wells Fargo has removed my bank account, taking my money and leaving me with nothing. When I called Wells Fargo informed me that it was a simply a “business decision” and that they can close my account at any time. Had I not been with friends in Florida, I would have been totally stranded. Use this as a warning and withdraw your money out of Wells Fargo if you are conservative. This is completely evil,” she said.

Author: Scott Dowdy