Big Tech Companies Exposed For Shielding Biden From The Public

YouTube has previously been proven to have a very sordid history of censoring some views that it thinks are too dangerous and true for public knowledge. From blocking prominent right channels to removing even milquetoast channels like PragerU, the video forum is not a stranger to shaping the opinions of its visitors in order to push society in a liberal direction.

Until very recently, this push was done with a guise of guarding viewers from misinformation and alleged violations of the company’s guidelines. But after a string of popularity hits surprised the Biden White House, the gloves have come off.

As reported by Summit News, YouTube has now officially announced it will be hiding the amount of dislikes on published videos from viewers in an effort to lower “creator harassment,” a move that conveniently happened after numerous videos from the Biden got worse dislikes than likes than even the worse Justin Bieber videos. This news was announced by some ‘news’ outlets as being a good thing.

“YouTube has said it will be hiding public dislikes on videos on its site, starting today,” reports The Verge. The article goes on to try to justify this new rule by saying because the content creator can still see the true amount of dislikes, this turns the public dislikes from being a possible object of online abuse to being one of healthy feedback for the creator.

YouTube is supposedly against those who dislike a video because they really dislike them, so much so that this is now used as a key official motivator behind the move. Thus far, the YouTube comment section has been left open on most videos and can now be closed by the creator if they feel it is needed, which many kid-friendly or bad channels do. YouTube will be performing this removal in steps.

Some have openly took aim at the social media giant’s justification for its move, with many saying it is simply another way to fix their algorithm to push liberal videos to the top of the YouTube search results.

Author: Steven Sinclaire