Big Tech Targets Conservatives In a Whole New Way

A report from Project Veritas is saying that Facebook is actively censoring vaccine concerns across its website. Whistleblowers are saying that any content that might encourage “vaccine hesitancy,” like shocking news stories, are censored by the tech giant.

Project Veritas reports that two whistleblowers within the company have revealed internal Facebook documents showing a plan to stop “vaccine hesitancy” across the globe. The goal is to “drastically lower user exposure” to vaccine hesitancy comments.

The program wants to “decrease engagement of vaccine hesitancy comment create, likes and replies.” This caused two Facebook whistleblowers to go to Project Veritas to unveil the full reach of Facebook’s censorship.

One whistleblower said the tech giant uses a tiered approach to determine how a comment will be censored. Comments like “shocking stories,” that describe possibly true or real events that can raise “safety concerns” are demoted across the website.

“They are attempting to control the content before it reaches your page before you can see it,” one Facebook insider said.

According to the sources, regardless if a comment is true or not, if it goes against the company’s system, it is hidden from view. “It does not match the narrative,” one insider said. “The narrative being, the vaccine is good and everyone should want it. Otherwise, you will be singled out,”

Author: Blake Ambrose