Bill Maher Panics Over Trump’s ‘Radio Silence’

Bill Maher is panicking over President Trump being “very quiet” after leaving Washington.

During his show, Maher admitted to being “nervous” about the former president’s “radio silence” in the weeks after leaving office.

“Does that not worry you a bit?” Maher asked. “It’s like in the scene in Jaws when the shark vanished under the water. I think it might be back.”

Later in the program, Maher again mentioned how quiet former President Trump has been.

“Where’s Trump?” the TV host asked. “It’s like he is in the ‘Where Are They Now?’ segment. I’m shocked he is so silent!”

“I just don’t trust it. It’s so unlike him! ‘Silence’ is not a term I associate with Trump,” Maher said. “He is not exactly … ‘fading away.’”

CNN host Van Jones, who was on Maher’s show during these comments, brought up Kevin McCarthy’s recent trip to Trump’s current residence at Mar-a-Lago to “kiss his ring,” comparing former President Trump to The Godfather.

“He’s not handing over control of the GOP,” Jones claimed. “And I think it will pressure Republicans who believed they were going to move forward without him. But when McCarthy, who is not a Trump supporter, chooses to let Trump run the GOP into oblivion, that’s not good.”

This comes soon after Maher said “we can not blame it all” on Trump as it relates to the covid pandemic.

“Now we’ve removed him, we have this issue. … We can’t blame everything on Trump,” he stated. “Now we will find out soon, within the next hundred days, if it was all Donald Trump.”

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