Black Lives Matter Declares War On President Trump

Photo Via Reuters

The Black Lives Matter movement filed a lawsuit in federal court on Thursday in an effort to stop President Trump from sending federal law enforcement into Chicago to assist with the city’s dire crime situation.

Local Democratic Socialists have teamed up with the George Soros funded Black Lives Matter group in the lawsuit which names Black Lives Matter’s Chicago branch as a plaintiff and federal law enforcement officials as the defendants.

On Wednesday, President Trump announced that he would be sending federal law enforcement officials to Chicago and other cities as part of “Operation Legend” to fight a surge in violent crime since the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

The president and his administration have noted that the primary victims of that crime wave have been African American. The deployment of Federal officials is to help localities handle the uptick in violent crime that Black Lives Matter has caused in these communities.

The Black Lives Matter complaint claims that “The President and his appointees are sending federal agents to the streets of Chicago in order to intimidate and falsely arrest civilians who are exercising their constitutional right to speak and to assemble.”

The Constitution supports American’s rights to peacefully assemble. Chicago’s Black Lives Matter protests are far from peaceful, however.

On Monday, A surveillance video was released that showed Black Lives Matter demonstrators smuggling weapons and projectiles into Grant Park during a demonstration last weekend against a statue of Christopher Columbus.

While “peaceful” protesters shielded militant activists from view, they hid behind protest banners and donned black clothing. They also distributed frozen water bottles to throw at police, and sharpened PVC pipes into spears.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has accepted President Donald Trump’s offer of federal law enforcement officials to help fight crime in Chicago. Some 200 federal officials are expected to be deployed to Chicago.

President Trump and Mayor Lightfoot spoke Wednesday evening, after the administration announced that it would surge federal law enforcement agents to distressed cities.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Thursday morning that Lightfoot should “admit” that she needs the help.

Violent crime has plagued Chicago’s African American community for years and a local resident who grew up in Chicago — Barrack Obama — was begged by the community for help but decided, rather, to ignore the issue during his 8 years as president.

Lightfoot, according to Newsmax, “has accepted additional FBI, DEA, and ATF agents to come to her city to augment and assist local police efforts to control the violence, but the ‘agents will be managed by ‘the U.S. Attorney here in Chicago.”

Black Lives Matter is furious that Lightfoot is working with the president to try and eradicate some of the violence that has overrun Chicago, asserting in its complaint: “The assent of Chicago’s Mayor to the surge of federal forces means that when the President sends federal agents to Chicago, as he did to Portland, the CPD and the City will be unable and unwilling to protect protestors from unlawful use of excessive force and arrests without probable cause.”

The group said it will return to Grant Park this weekend, prompting Mayor Lightfoot to order the Columbus statue in the park removed.

Workers arrived under cover of darkness early Friday to remove the statue Grant Park – a week after rioters clashed with city police as they attempted to tear the statue down.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot made the decision to remove the statue — as well as another Columbus one in Little Italy earlier Thursday.

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