Black Representative Could Crush The Democrats’ Chances Of Winning 2020

Photo Via AP

State Representative Vernon Jones – a Democrat from Georgia said that the Democrats have become “infected” with “intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law enforcement bias, and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others, destroy property, and terrorize our communities.”

Jones spoke on the first night of the Republican National Convention and wanted to make the country aware of just how evil and dangerous the Democratic party has become while pointing out their sense of entitlement to the black vote.

“Why is a lifelong Democrat speaking at the Republican National Convention? That’s a fair question. And here’s your answer: The Democratic Party does not want Black people to leave the mental plantation they’ve had us on for decades,” Jones said.

“But I have news for them: We are free people with free minds. I am part of a large and growing segment of the Black community who are independent thinkers. And we believe that Donald Trump is the President that America needs to lead us forward.”

Jones said that when he expressed publicly his support for President Trump months ago, he received threats and was “called an embarrassment and asked to resign by [his] party.”

“I grew up in the South. My parents built with their own hands a four room cinder block home with no indoor plumbing. They had very limited education. But they instilled in us a strong work ethic that drove me from the tobacco fields of North Carolina, to hallowed halls of the Georgia General Assembly,” Jones said. “My parents taught me if I believed in God, worked hard, and treated every person fairly, there was no limit to what we could achieve.”

Jones then went on to point out that President Trump was taking unprecedented actions to create more opportunity and make life better for the black community.

“I attended North Carolina Central University, a historically black college. For generations, HBCUs have been the breeding ground for black scholars in math, science, religion, engineering and politics. They have been important springboards for black success ever since. But Democrats haven’t treated them like that,” Jones continued. “When President Trump took office, he changed everything. He delivered historic funding to HBCUs. And he guaranteed it for 10 years. That gave our HBCUs stability–the chance to grow and produce the next generation of black leaders.”

“He also supported school choice initiatives to ensure that every child — no matter their race or zip code — has access to a great education. But education is just the beginning,” Jones continued.

“The President also built the most inclusive economy ever, with record low unemployment for African Americans and record high participation in the workforce. He put Opportunity Zones in the Trump tax bill that will drive investment into our communities for decades to come. He put the interests of American workers — and especially black workers — First.”

President Trump has sought to win over more black voters this time around after getting only 6% in 2016.

If more black Americans can see past the mainstream media’s lies and realize – as Jones has – that this president is making major moves to help move the black community forward, the Democrats would be absolutely devastated as they have been taking advantage of their black voters for years.

Joe Biden described the Democrats’ feelings towards black Americans best when he said that if they had any trouble deciding whether to vote for him or Trump – “they ain’t black.”

Will this disturbing cycle of the Democrats repeatedly taking advantage of the black community and still winning their vote finally be broken this election year?

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