BLM Piggybacks On Cuba To Wreak Havoc In The States

With the continuing protests in Cuba against the dictator regime and its repression, the silence from people on the left is very noticeable. While we’ve seen cowardly and weak notes of “support” from Washington, usually blaming coronavirus or economic problems for the unrest, other “social justice warriors” like AOC and Ayanna Pressley have just said nothing at all.

Yet, their favorite anti-white organization has finally made an announcement, and it’s among the most horrific comments I have ever seen about a political topic.

Does BLM take up for the dissidents who are fighting back against a brutal government after decades of oppression and chaos that has led to overwhelming suffering? Nope.

They instead give support for communists, saying that they have “solidarity” with oppressed people from “African descent.”

The truth is every “black liberation” movement that the Cuban regime has supported in the past has been for a political reason.

But if you were not yet assured yet that BLM supports the communist atrocities being committed around the globe, they then say who the “real” bad guy is in all this — the U.S.

They say it is our fault that the regime in Cuba are psychopaths because we embargoed them and that prevented trade. Of course, the embargo does not stop Cuba from trading with many other nations, making this talking point stupid.

Corporations all over the world support this terrible organization. They put its logo on their products and sports fields. They gave tens of millions of dollars that then suddenly vanished into God only knows where. They insinuated their customers are racist for not agreeing with the ruling narrative.

This same pathetic game played out with politicians and their media partners. With the Uber-Rino Mitt Romney marching with BLM protesters. The State Dept. flying the BLM flag at embassies.

Meanwhile, us few who withstood the onslaught of anti-white propaganda and kept our wits, pointed out the Marxist founders of BLM, the anti-white nonsense on their website, and the fact they were a terrorist group with many dangerous members. For this, we were attacked.

After all of this, my conscience is crystal clear, and BLM supporters need to answer for what their organization is now saying it supports.

Author: Blake Ambrose