Bloomberg’s Company Targets Trump—President Gives Him New Nickname

In a shocking moment of blatant bias, Bloomberg News announced it will only investigate the Trump campaign. The news company refuses to report on Democratic candidates, including their owner, Michael Bloomberg. The president decided to teach them a lesson while giving his rival a new nickname at the same time.

Okay, let’s be real for a second. Just about every mainstream media outlet has a bias against conservatives, especially Donald Trump. That even includes Fox News (which has more than a few reporters with an anti-Trump bias). What’s particularly disgusting is how outlets like CNN, the New York Times, and Bloomberg News pretend they aren’t biased.

It’s an open secret that we all know—but they refuse to acknowledge.

You can count on MSM news coverage of President Trump, Republicans, and conservative voters to be nasty, negative, and largely dishonest. It’s why millions of Americans distrust the media (and the reason people like me write).

But Bloomberg News took the bias further than we’d expected. They announced that they would not investigate Mike Bloomberg—who is currently running for president—nor any other Democratic candidate. But they will continue to go after Trump, most likely with unfair stories and fake news.

The fact that the owner of this outlet is running for president is a huge conflict of interest. We can count on any articles written about him to be biased. But they are going even further, to protect every last Democratic candidate by refusing to hold them accountable.

That was the last straw for Trump and his campaign, so they’re suspending their press credentials.

President Donald Trump unveiled a new nickname for Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg after denying Bloomberg News press credentials for future campaign events.

“Mini Mike Bloomberg has instructed his third rate news organization not to investigate him or any Democrat, but to go after President Trump, only,” Trump tweeted on Monday. “The Failing New York Times thinks that is O.K., because their hatred & bias is so great they can’t even see straight. It’s not O.K.!”

…Trump’s campaign pointed towards the news organization’s stated policy that they will not conduct investigative reporting on any of the Democratic presidential candidates. [Source: Daily Wire]

Let’s take a look at how insane this is. Numerous Democrats want to run for president—the highest office of the land. Bloomberg News is supposed to be a real news outlet, which means they are supposed to investigate and report on candidates running for president. Yet this company has announced they will give every candidate with a “D” at the end of their name a pass, including the man who owns the company.

This is beyond a conflict of interest. They are openly admitting to being a propaganda tool for the Democrats. Bloomberg News has totally destroyed its credibility.

Serves them right to get their credentials revoked by the Trump campaign. Mini Mike thinks he can use his media outlet to manipulate the 2020 Election. He wants to use it as a weapon to help the Democrats. He thinks it’s acceptable to hammer Donald Trump, while protecting his liberal allies.

President Trump refuses to let this scheme stand. By revoking Bloomberg News’ credentials, their reporters will not have access to Trump rallies, events, or press hearings. They will be effectively cut out of the loop of anything happening with the president’s campaign.

Try to investigate him, then, you hacks!

Make no mistake, the 2020 Election will be all-out war with the press. The mainstream media is essentially the PR arm for the Democrats. Just like in 2016, they will spread as much fake news and dishonest coverage as they can. All to ensure Trump won’t get re-elected.

But I have some very bad news for them: they are going to fail. Democrats don’t have a winner among their many primary candidates. Even with Bloomberg’s unfair scheming, they don’t have a chance. Even with such a grossly biased news industry, Trump will dominate.

So, keep trying Mini Mike. All your dishonest tricks will only come to hurt you and your party.

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