Border Patrol Agents Go Rogue To Keep America Safe

President Biden’s border crisis is now months old, and Border agents are taking the issue into their own hands to block the flow of illegals into the U.S..

According to a new report from the NY Post, some Border Patrol agents are making use of abandoned materials from Trump’s canceled barrier to fill in “gaps” in the wall that Joe Biden did not want completed.

Agent Richard Barragan said to the news outlet that the building of the border stopped the second Biden signed an executive order back in January.

“The contractors just stopped working,” he said to the Post about his El Paso sector of the southern border.

He then reported that agents had collaborated to fill in the “20-foot gap” at the Border Monument Three location, which is difficult to access but has turned into an open door to illegals looking to entering the country.

“We have some border agents who are great welders, and they did it all,” Barragan said.

While the idea of a border wall and having basic blocks to crossing a border deeply offends liberals (if those borders are around the United States, Europe, Canada or Australia), the consequences of a politically inconvenient immigration policy also should offend the Biden White House.

Illegal border crosser encounters were measured at a 21-year high, with a record 199,777 captures in July, as reported by the Pew Research Center.

The numbers for Aug. have not yet been released by the Dept. of Homeland Security, but they might prove just as disturbing.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court ruled on Aug. 24 that the Biden team’s decision to remove former President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy possibly broke federal laws, The AP reported. The court decided not to stop the ruling of a lower court that said the policy had to be reinstated.

The Trump “Remain in Mexico” policy forced migrants awaiting their immigration hearing in the U.S. to wait inside Mexico instead of being in the United States.

Border Patrol has been working around the clock to get the border crisis under control, and the choice by some to form barricades should not be a shock to anyone.

Author: Steven Sinclaire