Border Patrol President Rips AOC After Bogus Claims

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

Another day, another episode of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lying. This time, she’s doubling-down on the slander and baseless accusations she’s made against border detention centers. She took to Twitter to make wild claims about what she saw. But the Border Patrol struck back with the facts.

Honestly, AOC is doing everything she can to torch her career and credibility. It’s really shocking to see how dishonest and manipulative she can get. The woman has no experience or accomplishments to her name. Everything she touches she destroys. And the level of ignorance and dishonesty she expresses every time she talks should have her condemned by both parties.

But because the media is so entrenched in protecting liberals, she gets a pass every time. In fact, the media props up her wild and unproveable claims—broadcasting them as facts.

Recently, she insulted Holocaust survivors when she compared our border detention centers as “concentration camps.” Even after she was called out for that terrible statement, she continued to push that comparison. The woman has no dignity or respect for our elders. She only cares about pushing her warped agenda.

Now, she is claiming that illegal immigrants being held at our detention centers are forced to drink out of toilets. Once again, she has no evidence, photos, or a shred of proof to this claim. Yet we are all supposed to believe her—because the media endorses her nonsense.

The president of the National Border Patrol Council was furious over AOC’s claims. And he’s demanding action.

Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, fired back at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Monday evening after she made incendiary claims about her visit earlier that day to several U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sites housing migrants who crossed the U.S. border illegally.

Ocasio-Cortez, who continues to refer to CBP facilities as “concentration camps” despite being criticized by Jewish leaders, the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and Israel’s Yad Vashem, tweeted that women had been forced to drink water from toilets, among other atrocities…

Judd, whose union represents U.S. Border Patrol agents, spoke to Breitbart News’ Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak on Breitbart News Tonight on Sirius XM 125…

“Nobody is forced to drink out of a toilet and nobody is told to drink out of a toilet,” Judd explained. “Its completely and totally a baseless and ridiculous allegation and frankly it needs to be investigated and she needs to be exposed.” [Source: Breitbart]

AOC thinks she can get away with these wild claims, because nobody in her party or in the media will challenge her. She is like a spoiled child who knows mommy and daddy will only give in to her tantrums. Only conservatives will push back, but she refuses to acknowledge them.

This kind of toxic, idiotic, and worthless leader is a direct product of the left. They have encouraged an entire generation to ignore facts, refuse to admit when they’re wrong, and proudly fight anyone that challenges them.

Judd pushed back with the simple fact that there is no footage or evidence to back her claims, saying “Let the cameras speak …The cameras will prove her wrong and they will prove that she is being false.”

Yet our media takes her word over evidence. They will do anything to undermine our president and the will of the American people. We want strong immigration enforcement and for the government to follow our laws. Democrats want to play any dirty trick so that illegals can enter the country freely and there is no enforcement on the border.

So, they play into AOC’s little game—to spread more lies and deception across the country.

But patriots must stand up to her. We must demand she provide proof of her wild claims—or else shut the hell up.

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