BREAKING: Someone Was Colluding in 2016… But It Wasn’t Trump!

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

Democrats have spent the better part of three years trying to convince Americans that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 Election. Millions of federal dollars have been spent trying to discover a connection between the Trump campaign and Russian agents. Only now are we discovering the real collusion scheme and Trump wasn’t involved at all.

Despite his best efforts, Mueller was not able to prove the left’s claim that Donald Trump colluded with Russia. Trust me, Mueller really did try. He was acting on the orders of the D.C. swamp to find anything that could hurt President Trump.

The media, run by Democrats, have been pushing the idea that Trump is an illegitimate leader because he worked with a foreign power to get elected. The Mueller report now proves that was all a lie.

But a new report has come out that shows someone was working with a foreign power to steal the election. It wasn’t Trump and the country wasn’t Russia.

Spoiler: it was the DNC and the Ukraine!

A new bombshell report released on Thursday evening alleges that an operative for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) reached out during the 2016 presidential election and asked for dirt on Donald Trump…

The Hill reports that Ukrainian Ambassador Valeriy Chaly’s office said in written answers to questions that DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa​ sought information on Paul Manafort because Chalupa wanted to force Manafort’s business dealings in front Congress…

A 2017 report from Politico noted: “Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office.” [Source: Daily Wire]

What have Democrats been saying over the last three years? That Donald Trump getting elected with help from Russia was a Constitutional crisis? Yet all this time, they had sought help from the Ukraine to smear Trump so that Hillary would get elected?

On top of that, a Ukrainian court ruled that their National Anti-Corruption Bureau wrongfully interfered in our election by releasing documents meant to hurt Manafort. Their efforts forced Manafort to resign from Trump’s campaign, directly affecting the election.

So, we have an American political party working with a foreign power in order to get dirt on their opponent. All so they could win the 2016 Election.

That is exactly what Democrats have said Trump did with Russia. That was all a lie. But now we see that the DNC was so the same thing, with the Ukraine.

Um… any comments CNN? I doubt it.

Democrats do this all the time. They accuse conservatives of the very crimes they are guilty of. They demand justice and revenge against any slight made against them, but will ignore incredible acts of injustice made by their own party.

Why didn’t Mueller uncover this during his 2-year-long probe? Why wasn’t the DNC put in the hotseat and grilled over this? Why was Manafort doomed, when this DNC operative–who colluded with a foreign power–not questioned or indicted?

It’s obvious Mueller and this entire team were conducting a witch hunt against the president. They were only interested in finding dirt that would take Trump down. Even if they found a smoking gun that proves Democrats were breaking the law, he would have ignored it.

Now we know that the DNC was up to all kinds of dirty tricks to prevent Trump from winning. Where is the probe? Where are the indictments? Why are Democrats being held to the same standard as Republicans?

So far, we know that Clinton paid an outside firm to compile a fake dossier to hurt Trump. Obama’s DOJ and FBI illegally acquired a warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign. And a DNC agent reached out to the Ukraine to get dirt on Trump’s campaign chairman.

And nobody is investigating? This is much bigger than the claims made against Trump. The Democrats broke the law numerous times to hijack our democracy. It seems only the grace of God prevented them from getting away with it.

Heads better start rolling soon, or patriots all across this great country will be outraged.

My guess is, they already are.

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