Busted: Pelosi’s Involvement In Major Crime Revealed

The Watchdog organization Judicial Watch is demanding to find out more about Nancy Pelosi’s actions on January 8th of this year, when she asked General Mark Milley to remove President Donald Trump’s military control. The group has launched a lawsuit against the DOD for details of the discussion.

The lawsuit is requesting “any records concerning the call between General Mark Milley and Pelosi on or near January 8, 2021,” and “all transcripts and recordings of the call, in addition to other records made during or in preparation for the call.” Also sought are “all records of correspondence between General Milley and Pelosi from November 1st of last year til today.”

During this time, certain media outlets said the speaker’s actions looked like a coup.

The constitution does not allow the Speaker of the House to intervene with the military chain of command to guard the planet from Trump.

Mrs. Pelosi admitted to speaking to General Milley, “to talk about precautions for stopping an unstable POTUS from initiating military engagements or launching a nuclear attack.”

Pelosi’s call to General Milley already violates the separation of the branches. She may offer advice if she wants, but calling a General to interfere with executive branch affairs seems like an overstep. It might even be viewed by some as a coup—organizing with the military to relieve the command of the sitting elected President.

“If Pelosi’s description of her discussion with General Milley is true, it creates a dangerous trend that might undermine the president and the constitutional separation of powers,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton spoke about the lawsuit. “Our lawsuit attempts to uncover the truth about this call.”

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