Cat Fight: Jill & Kamala Get Nasty

After a DNC primary debate in 2019, when Kamala Harris went for Joe Biden over his position on desegregation, implying he was a racist, Biden’s wife Jill, talking to a private group of supporters, reportedly attacked Harris, saying, “With what he is fighting for and committed to, and you label him a racist? Go f*** yourself.”

The story of Jill’s alleged angry response to Harris’ insults come from Edward-Isaac Dovere, a writer for The Atlantic, as Politico has reported.

During the debate, Harris was told by team members that she should attack Biden to rise in the polls. She took their advice by targeting the former Vice-President Biden:

Biden then turned to Pete Buttigieg during the break, saying, “Well, that was f***ing bull****.”

Author: Scott Dowdy