CBS Reporter Constantly Interrupts Trump, It Doesn’t End Well

By Jennie April 21th, 2020 | Image Source: Chicks On Right

Someone get CBS Weijia Jiang a chill pill.

And even though President Trump is a teetotaler, get the man a stiff drink. He deserves it.

Watch Jiang press and continually interrupt President Trump about why he waited until March 16th to start social distancing.

President Trump exposed her as having no facts to back up her assertion that he waited too long and he knocked her for not doing her research.

President Trump asked Jiang how many cases there were in the US when he issued the ban. He asked her FOUR TIMES. She never answered. She didn’t answer for one of two reasons.

She either didn’t know the answer or, she didn’t want to give the answer because it doesn’t fit her narrative that Trump was derelict.

The mainstream media are truly disgusting. Their sole goal is to destroy Donald Trump. Facts do not matter. They are not impartial reporters of facts or even investigative reporters.

Jiang’s question was not designed to get an answer. It was asked to present a narrative and fulfill an agenda.

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I’ll say what Jiang would not. Thank you very much for good judgment, President Trump.

Author: Jennie

Source: Chicks On Right: Trump Destroys Out-Of-Control CBS Reporter Weijia Jiang: ‘Keep Your Voice Down… You Have To Do Your Research’

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