Chaos Erupts Nationwide As The Truth About Daunte Wright Is Revealed

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota Police Chief Tim Gannon and Officer Kim Potter have resigned after the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright while he was evading arrest.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension identified Potter late Monday as the officer seen in released body-camera footage firing a single round at Wright. Gannon said he made the call to release the footage and said he believed the female officer intended to reach for her Taser, but instead grabbed her handgun, categorizing the incident as an “accidental discharge.”

The media has done their part to portray this as an incident of “racist” cops targeting an innocent young black man who was pulled over for “having an air freshener hanging” – but that’s simply not the case.

He was pulled over due to his vehicle having an expired registration, at which point officers discovered Wright had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and attempted to arrest him which is where he broke free and tried getting in his car to drive away.

Court papers obtained by The Daily Mail revealed that Daunte choked a woman and threatened to shoot her if she did not hand over $820 she had stuffed in her bra.

Wright was due to face trial on a charge of attempted aggravated robbery – with a possible maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Violent riots continued in Minnesota and authorities were forced to arrest roughly 40 people in Brooklyn Center, Minn.

Hundreds gathered outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department Monday and defied curfew. They demanded justice for Wright. The crowd chanted “Daunte Wright!” Some shouted obscenities at officers.

Authorities fired tear gas, and flash-bang grenades into the restless crowd after warning them that they were in violation of curfew. Some rioters retaliated by throwing smoke canisters back toward law enforcement, while others launched fireworks at the police lines, according to reports.

“Move back!” the police chanted. “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” the crowd chanted back.

Authorities said officers were shelled “pretty significantly,” with objects thrown from the crowd. A few officers were hit by debris and suffered minor injuries during the unrest, police said.

Minnesota State Patrol Col. Matt Langer said law enforcement officials made attempts to talk with protest leaders about figuring how to peacefully disperse the crowds, but “unfortunately, those efforts weren’t successful … so … [we] stood and protected that building.”

Looters also broke into several businesses at a strip mall near the police station, including a Dollar Tree store, according to reports.

Earlier, police put up a fence and concrete barricades around the building’s perimeter. It was surrounded by local police, as well as, Minnesota National Guard and Minnesota State Patrol officers, the Star Tribune reported.

Amelia Huffman, the Minneapolis Police Department’s deputy chief for professional standards, said 13 people were also arrested in Minneapolis amid the demonstrations – four for burglaries, two were suspects in shots-fired incidents, six were for curfew violations, and one was on an outstanding warrant.

Huffman added that five businesses were burglarized in Minneapolis during the unrest.

Author: Matthew Wheelson

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