Chaos Erupts On The Global Scale Thanks To Biden’s Bad Policies

AP News has called them “far-right,” but many tens of thousands of people have marched against new tyrannical health rules, like partial and full lockdowns along with health passports and mandatory vaccines in Europe.

Demonstrations against new restrictions were seen in Croatia, Austria, Italy, the UK, Northern Ireland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Outside of Europe, the protesters marched several cities across Australia, Canada, Japan, and even the United States. Some marked Saturday as a “Worldwide Freedom” rally to protest against COVID-19 restrictions and mandates.

Some of the most active rallies, which transformed into riots, were in the city of Rotterdam. Clashes between police and protestors started Friday and went through Saturday night.

Around 30 minutes from that protest, other protests transformed into riots in the city of Hague.

Protesters in European cities shared their goals as they marched to protect their liberty and lives. Governments are trying to plunder that through increased COVID restrictions, mandatory health passports, and enforced vaccinations.

The worst of these restrictions, or rather the government’s removing of liberties, was seen in Austria, where total lockdowns started Monday. Nationwide lockdowns are now expected for around ten days but can be extended to over two weeks. Then by February 1, the government will enforce mandatory vaccinations (only 66% of Austria’s 8.9 million citizens are fully vaccinated). Good luck with that goal.

Saturday’s march in Vienna’s huge Heldenplatz square had many shouting “My Body, My Choice,” “We are Standing Up for Our Kids!,” and “Resistance!”

One of the largest protests could have been in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, where Citizen Free Press saw up to 100,000 people flood onto the streets to protest the health passports and new vaccine enforcements.

And in Rome, thousands of angry demonstrators gathered in the Circus Maximus to protest the “Green Pass” certificates now required to work, go to restaurants, theaters, sports games, and gyms, and for public transportation.

“People such as us never give up,” said one protester’s sign.

The pushback against global totalitarianism is reaching across Europe. Usually, “Europeans are more compliant than Americans in connection to government orders. But even there, citizens are protesting governments taking power from the people in the name of health,” said American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson.

Author: Scott Dowdy