China Intervenes In Afghanistan With This Surprising Move

China has been laying the framework to support the Taliban as the rightful government of Afghanistan, going into the face of the United States warning the terror-supporting group of isolation from the world community.

The Taliban mostly completed their movement across Afghanistan this Sunday as they went into the capital of the country amid a chaotic U.S. evacuation. Chinese officials had high-level meetings with leaders of the Taliban last month, and Chinese officials signaled an acceptance of the Taliban’s rule just under 20 years after the insurgent group was ousted by the U.S. for their harboring of al Qaeda, which conducted the 9/11 attacks.

Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis stated at the UN this month: “The Taliban must hear from the world community that we will not accept a takeover of Afghanistan or the return of their brutal Islamic rule. They will be isolated and a world pariah if they decide that path.” Ross Wilson, the top U.S. diplomat from Afghanistan, said last week, “Attempts to seize power through fear, violence & war will only lead to isolation.”

Beyond the obvious public signals from China that it was close to accepting the Taliban, U.S. News and World Report revealed last week that “China was preparing to support the Taliban as the rightful rulers of Afghanistan” and that “new Chinese intel. assessments of the ground reality in Afghanistan have led to leaders in the CCP to plan to formalize their connection to the group.”

China’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Wang Yi met with a Taliban leader, Ghani Baradar, in July, with the Foreign Ministry saying that Wang “reported that China is Afghanistan’s biggest neighbor and respects the country’s independence and integrity.” Wang said that the Taliban “is a crucial political force in the country and is expected to have an important part in the peace process and reconstruction in the country” and that he wished the Taliban “will place the country’s interests first, create peace goals, form a positive image, and have an inclusive policy.” Wang also stated he hoped the Taliban “will totally draw a line with terrorist groups.”

Author: Blake Ambrose