Chuck Schumer Makes The Ultimate Power Move

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts and Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson said in a joint comment this Wednesday that Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) is now using the anniversary of Jan. 6 to grab “permanent” power.

Anderson and Roberts released their joint comment after Schumer showed that he would seek to change the U.S. Senate’s filibuster rules to push the Freedom to Vote Act, which would require that states have mail-in and early voting. They said that Chuck Schumer continues to make use of the anniversary of the Jan. 6 protests for passing anti-voter laws, like the Freedom to Vote Act.

The Heritage Foundation and Action leaders applauded state leaders for pushing legislation to guarantee the integrity of the nation’s elections and fight election fraud.

In a message to his Dem colleagues this week, Schumer said that states’ voter integrity bills were “anti-democratic”:

Heritage Action was at the forefront of the election integrity fight; the conservative organization announced in March of last year a $1 million initial investment to protect Georgia’s election laws.

The conservative group subsequently put out television ads dispelling the liberal myths about the voting integrity bill:

Roberts and Anderson said that Chuck Schumer’s move to push forward the anti-voter legislation by removing the filibuster would increase Schumer’s power.

And GOP lawmakers like Republican Senator Mike Lee (UT) have warned that removing the filibuster would lower the constitutional role of the Senate.

Lee warned that stopping the filibuster would also turn the U.S. Senate into a “Lord of the Flies”-like institution.

“This legislation will allow Washington bureaucrats the power to control our election systems and throw out rules like voter ID in all states — a common-sense measure that is supported by more than 80% of the American public,” the Heritage leaders said.

They concluded in their comment, “Americans want election integrity, and they know the Democrats’ partisan narrative has nothing to do with democracy and everything with rigging the election rules to keep Dems in power and pass their agenda without any Republican support.”

Author: Blake Ambrose