CIA Agents Caught Committing Grotesque Crimes Against Children

Documents have revealed that numerous CIA staffers were connected with child sex crimes but were never prosecuted.

Obtained by BuzzFeed News through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the documents show that the CIA “accumulated credible evidence” of staffers guilty of child sex crimes over a 14-year time frame and pursued no prosecutions in order to protect classified materials.

“Though these cases were given to United States attorneys for prosecution, just one of the people was ever charged,” said Buzzfeed News. “Prosecutors sent most cases back to the CIA to deal with internally, meaning few suffered any consequences beyond losing their jobs and security clearances.”

“CIA insiders report that the agency does not prosecute its own people for fear that these court cases will expose certain state secrets,” the report said.

The employees were often fired or had their contracts removed, as opposed to prosecution for sex crimes against children as young as two.

“One employee had sexual relations with a 2 and 6-year-old. He was then fired. A second person bought three videos of young girls, filmed by their mothers. He then resigned. A third person estimated that he had seen up to 1,400 sexual images of kids while on assignments. The records do not report what action the CIA might have taken against him. One contractor who arranged for a sexual encounter with an undercover agent pretending to be a kid had his contract removed.”

Only one of the people mentioned in these documents was charged. In this case, the employee was also being investigated for mishandling classified documents.

Neither the CIA nor the U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesperson where most of the criminal referrals were sent to, responded to media inquiries and instead gave vague statements about taking “allegations of criminal misconduct by personnel seriously.”

BuzzFeed said it spoke to CIA insiders who say the agency avoids criminal prosecution to protect “sensitive information,” fearing testimonies might “disclose methods and sources.” One former official said this excuse does not fit, charging that the CIA must “figure out how to prosecute people.”

Author: Scott Dowdy