Clinton Claims Her Republican ‘Secret’ Will Dethrone Trump

By Mica Soellner October 26th, 2020 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said most Republicans match Democratic levels of disdain for President Trump but are too afraid to speak out about it.

In an interview with the New York Times’s Kara Swisher for an opinion podcast, Sway, Clinton said most Republicans have been “cowards, spineless enablers” of Trump while he’s been in office.

“Most Republicans are going to want to close the page,” Clinton said, as reported by Axios on Sunday. “They want to see him gone as much as we do, but they can’t say it publicly.”

Clinton, who ran against Trump in 2016 as the Democratic nominee, said she believed a woman would have better handled the coronavirus pandemic, which has infected more than 8 million people in the United States and killed over 220,000.

“I have no doubt, especially if it were me. I have no doubt. I mean, I was born for that,” Clinton said.

With Election Day now just nine days away, Clinton said she can’t fathom the thought of another four years under Trump’s leadership.

“It makes me literally sick to my stomach to think that we’d have four more years of this abuse and destruction of our institutions,” Clinton said. “And damaging of our norms and our values. And lessening of our leadership. And the list goes on.”

Clinton lost to Trump in 2016, receiving 227 electoral votes to Trump’s 304, despite polls and analysis showing him trailing behind the Democrat. She did win the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes.

Author: Mica Soellner

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘Spineless enablers’: Hillary Clinton claims most Republicans secretly want Trump out of office

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