Clinton Team Now Officially In Durham Crosshairs

The most recent filings by Special Counsel John Durham show that lawyers for Clinton’s Campaign now represent the Christopher Steele key subsource Igor Danchenko. Let us walk through the importance of this fact.


Igor Danchenko, the key subsource of Christopher Steele, was put in jail on Nov. 3, 2021, for giving numerous false statements to federal authorities during his interviews he had with the FBI in 2017. These included lies about Igor Danchenko’s sources, his falsified contacts with Sergei Millian, and his travels to Russia. We laid out the indictment of Danchenko here.

Notably, John Durham claims that Charles Dolan, Jr. was one of Danchenko’s real “sources”. Charles served in different leadership positions to help get Bill Clinton elected in the 1992 and 1996 presidential campaigns and was Hillary Clinton’s advisor in her 2016 campaign for pres.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign Involvement

We now know that Clinton’s Campaign paid for Fusion GPS’s work and the Steele dossiers. This was all arranged through their lawyers (and the Democratic National Committee attorneys) at Perkins Coie – notably Michael Sussmann and Mark Elias. Elias left the company this summer. Sussmann was indicted in Sept. 2021 by Special Counsel John Durham for providing false statements connected to the Alfa Bank/Trump hoax.

It is highly likely that the Hillary Clinton Campaign was getting updates on the Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele work when they were hired by Perkins Coie during the spring of 2016. After all, this is work that the client – the Hillary Clinton Campaign – paid for.

If the Hillary Clinton Campaign was being informed about the work of Fusion GPS, what is the likelihood that the Clinton Campaign was also informing Fusion GPS’s work? After all, it was Clintons’ idea to connect Trump and Russia in the first place. And some associates of the Hillary Clinton Campaign (Sidney Blumenthal) had been working to corroborate sections of the dossier.

Some of the questions that John Durham’s team has been questioning recently— including of the witnesses it had subpoenaed before a grand jury — suggest he has been chasing a theory that the Hillary Clinton campaign had used Perkins Coie to provide dubious info to the F.B.I. about Mr. Trump and Russia in an effort to increase investigative activity that would hurt his 2016 campaign.

Author: Scott Dowdy