CNN Tries To “Destroy” Ted Cruz On Forced Vaccines — Gets This Butt Whooping Instead

While the Biden White House has been more than a little wobbly on the agenda of a federal coronavirus vaccine passport, opinions range among state leaders, with most agreeing with their party line.

At this time thirteen states — Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Montana, South Dakota, South Carolina, Utah and Texas — have blocked proof-of-vaccination at certain levels of government. And there are three states — Hawaii, New York, and Oregon — that have exempted fully vaccinated people from some restrictions if they can give proof of vaccination.

The more people get vaccinated, the more the topic comes up. With that in mind – and especially the Biden White House’s comments about the issue, Republican Senators Ted Cruz (Texas), Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.) and Mike Braun (Ind.) have introduced a bill that would essentially ban federal vaccine passports. The bill would also block any employer from discriminating against an employee or a prospective one in the event they did not get the vaccine.

Cruz was on Fox and posted this video to his Twitter account explaining his bill:

Because CNN’s Chris Cuomo is a complete dimwit, he tried to play games with Cruz by trying to draw a non-sensical connection between the freedom to not to get vaccinated and the so-called “right” to abortion:

Ted Cruz then went for the jugular in his tweeted response:

The guy otherwise known as “Fredo” Cuomo did not like being reminded of the sexual harassment accusations against his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo, and laughably said Cruz was being “weak” on the topic:

Cruz has not responded yet, but considering his initial reply was the right one, it would be very acceptable if he ignored Governor Cuomo’s attention-seeking little brother and kept observing the Memorial Day holiday accordingly.

Author: Blake Ambrose