Conservative Senators Keep MAGA Alive With Nationwide Plan

Republican Congress-members Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are joining forces to create an “America First Tour” around the nation. The first event will kick off next week in Florida.

“There are millions of people who need to see they still have people in D.C. who support them, and that the America First party is still fighting,” Gaetz said in his comments on Thursday.

“The issues that drive us are ending America’s wars, solving the border that Biden broke on his first day, prioritizing American citizens not illegals, bringing back our industries given to foreign powers, protecting election integrity, and dealing with the threat of China. These issues are larger than any single election.”

Greene, who was one of Gaetz’s defenders in Congress when he came under a media smear campaign earlier this year, has had her own political reprisals from Democrats. The House removed the Georgia congresswoman from her congressional assignments over past social media posts and support of what Democrats call conspiracy theories, which the Congresswoman claimed in a speech she “absolutely regrets.”

Gaetz has also supported a draft of the “America First” platform being planned by Arizona GOP Congressman Paul Gosar and Greene. The first draft spoke of “Anglo-Saxon political traditions,” which Greene’s team responded that she did not see or approve, sparking outrage, and plans for the caucus were placed on hold.

“President Trump showed the GOP how to fight,” Greene said in a comment to reporters. “And he also showed us that a rally is the best way to bring people together to Save America and Stop Socialism. That’s why Matt Gaetz and I are starting our America First Tour.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire