Conservative Warriors Mobilize, Break Liberal Stranglehold

On Wednesday, a new conservative group launched a website with the goal of fighting “woke” capital. seeks to educate Americans on the dangers of far-Left activism within corporate America and help them fight back against the surge of liberal attacks. 

The coalition, named “Back to Neutral,” includes organizations who are fed up with liberals weaponizing big business to push its political agenda.

“We have watched with increasing concern the Left’s push to infiltrate corporate leadership and use that influence to force their agenda on Americans,” Justin Danhof, general counsel at the National Center for Public Policy Research, said. “We are putting a line down. It is time to have corporate America be accountable for removing conservatives. We want to restore a healthy respect for free enterprise, liberty, and American culture which are all being harmed by corporate oligarchs.”

From Amazon’s shameful connection to the Southern Poverty Law Center to Facebook targeting Trump supporters, it seems big business is giving into the radical Left’s religion. In fact, just now they are forming a large coalition to boycott Georgia over its election bill.

“Whether using environmental issues, or ‘stakeholder capitalism,’ make no mistake, these terms are simply a smokescreen for liberals using business to push their radical agendas,” Steve Soukup, a conservative author of a book about “Woke Capital,” said.

Back to Neutral will utilize media outreach, grassroots activism, and social media to urge corporations to stop engaging in activities that harm Americans’ liberty and free speech.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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