Conservatives Corner Biden — Watch Him Break Under The Pressure

President Biden has attempted to sound tough against the terrorists who murdered 13 American soldiers this Thursday but crumbled live on air when he was challenged by Fox News journalist Peter Doocy.

“We won’t forgive. We won’t forget. America will hunt you all down and make you pay,” President Biden stated, reading his words from the large teleprompter.

After this speech, Biden accepted questions, calling on preapproved journalist given to him from his team. He ultimately decided to call on Doocy, saying he was “the most interesting man in the media.”

Doocy ask President Biden if he would accept responsibility for the deaths of 12 American military members and his chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden stated he did accept responsibility but pointedly stressed to Doocy that it was former President Trump who created the deal with the Taliban to withdraw.

“Remember this? I’m being serious. No. I am asking you a question. No. Wait a minute. I am asking you a question. Is this accurate…” he bickered back and forth with Doocy.

Clutching his leather folder which contained his remarks and notes, Biden bowed his head down in apparent frustration as Doocy continued on with more questions about the Taliban.

Biden acknowledged that the withdrawal from the nation of Afghanistan was “messy,” but repeated that the short time of peace in the area was a result of Donald Trump’s agreement with the Taliban forces.

When reporter Doocy asked if President Biden stood by his choice to withdraw from Afghanistan.

“Yes, I do,” he said. “Because look at it this way people…”

He paused and seems to be about to leave the room.

“I am going to… I have another meeting,” he mumbled before then answering Doocy’s question.

This comes as former President Donald Trump has slammed Biden for his completely embarrassing handling of the withdrawal.

Trump said during an interview that Biden made “some stupid decisions” this last week during the withdrawal, the worst being “letting our troops go before civilians and before our equipment was out.”

“And no one can even understand this much equipment. Thousands of vehicles,” he stated.

“I believe it is the most embarrassing moment for our nation,” Trump said about Joe Biden’s horrible withdrawal. “And it makes no sense, he got the military out first.”

Author: Scott Dowdy