Conservatives Plan Massive “Burning” Protest — And Things Could Get Ugly

Floridians who are against mask mandates are attempting to kickstart a large protest and mask burning event.

“The Mask Burning and Million Maskless March happens in Ft Lauderdale on Saturday April 10, 2021!” said organizer Chris Nelson in an online post, saying the protest “marks a year of mask dictatorship and that the protest will be a day of freedom and celebration!”

Nelson reports that the protest was green-lighted by officials and asked people to bring signs showing anti-mask phrases.

Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis is a very vocal critic of lockdown rules and withdrew covid restrictions in Flordia, including mask mandates, back in September.

“The lockdowns did not stop covid-19 but did do lots of damage that a more detailed approach would have avoided (and did, in nations such as Sweden),” DeSantis said, adding that “officials who went against the elites have been proven correct.”

DeSantis also slammed President Biden’s alleged plan to start a vaccine passport rule that would stop people from traveling unless they have been vaccinated. He even promised an order to stop it from coming to his state.

“We won’t allow these passports in this state,” the governor explained. “It is not acceptable for private companies or the government to require poof of vaccine to simply participate in society.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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