Crowd Of Liberals Invade Ted Cruz’s Home — It Doesn’t End Well

Houston police arrested eight protesters as dozens of people swarmed outside the home of Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

“The largest part of the crowd are non-violent and protesting about global warming., Assistant Police Chief Ban Tien said in a video published on the Houston Police Dept.’s Facebook profile.

“Unfortunately, there were people who trespassed onto private property in front of the senator’s home., the officer said, saying that officers warned them numerous times to stop.

“Around eight people refused to leave and we gave a final warning. And those people still refused to go. And we explained to them that they were breaking a trespassing law., Tien said.

“They said they knew and were ok with being arrested.”

Reporter Erin Douglas published images from the protest via Twitter.

She said the group were a part of a climate change organization who call themselves the Sunset Movement who demand that President Biden “stop discussions with the GOP and enact the civilian climate corps plan.”

National Review said, “When the group got to Cruz’s home, they had just walked a 400 mile march from New Orleans to Houston to cause awareness for climate problems like pollution and hurricanes, and the Texas freeze that happened recently.”

The protest happened after Cruz slammed Biden and VP Kamala Harris this Friday during an interview, claiming they “are simply not performing their duties.”

The Fox News interview featured Cruz discussing the Biden administration’s management of the growing open border agenda.

Show host Steve Doocy said, “Officials across the nation are sending people to your state because it is such a mess.”

Cruz responded, “It is a total abdication by the government. Biden and Harris are simply not doing their duties. They are not enforcing the law.”

He continued, “And they have created a complete crisis at the southern border.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire