Democrat Civil War Goes Nuclear With Three Shocking Insults

Joe Manchin has recently signaled he could stop all of Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda. While Dems had “agreed” to most of his requests in terms of the top-line number, they did this with numerous budget gimmicks, many of which were previously used during the debate about Obamacare. Namely, projecting the use of numerous years of tax receipts to “pay for” lesser years of certain entitlement programs.

This is known as a Ponzi scheme in the real world. In DC, it is called a normal work week, at least for liberals on Capitol Hill. Yet, Manchin was not having it this time, promising he would not vote for a bill that contains this sleight-of-hand.

Naturally, that has the far-left wing angered and caused Cori Bush (who I nominate for most insane Congressional member) going into a vicious attack against Manchin. Truly, it is among the most insane comments by a national politician I have ever seen.

Starting at the beginning where Bush says that “Joe Manchin will not dictate the future of the nation.” That’s actually right, but not how she means it. Senator Manchin is not dictating but 52 duly-elected senators are doing so. The GOP Party does exist, and they have 50 seats in the Senate. And their votes count just like Bernie Sanders’ does. Manchin not voting with the party-line on Joe Biden’s wildest dreams does not mean the system is not working or that one individual is controlling the nation. Math is sometimes hard, but it is not this hard.

Bush then continues by accidentally admitting her biggest issue: She never should made promises she cannot keep. Missouri is not NY and the U.S. is not California. Telling voters she would give them unicorns was being dishonest. Now, she has to live with her failures. That is not about Joe Manchin. That is about on Cori Bush.

Then we reach the DNC civil war moment you have been waiting for.

With Dems needing Manchin to agree to pass anything, Bush does not try to find any common ground. Instead, she laughably accused him of chauvinism, racism and xenophobia at once. She then ends by demanding he submit and do what she demands.

The more these radicals go for Manchin, the more hardened his work against them will become. And that is as hilarious as it is hopeful to see as a Republican.

Author: Steven Sinclaire