Democrat Corruption Hotline Goes Live — Guess Who’s The Star Of The Show?

A hotline to take calls about Governor Cuomo’s behavior has got hundreds of tips, according to an insider within the New York state Assembly.

Assembly member Charles Lavine has said the hotline, which was created by Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP, has had over 200 tips regarding sexual harassment accusations against the governor.

“In total, Davis Polk has spoken to legal counsel for 70 people who might have information., Lavine said during a state hearing into the investigation this week.

The short session let members of the New York Legislature ask the attorneys questions about the case.

Assembly leader Carl Heastie asked Davis Polk to perform an “impeachment investigation” into ten women’s sexual harassment accusations against the governor, a move that was criticized by some of Cuomo’s alleged victims.

“We were shocked to discover that Speaker Heastie has brought in Davis Polk to help in the process, given the link between Dennis Glazer, who was partner at Davis Polk for around 30 years, and Governor Cuomo himself., Debra Katz, attorney for one of Cuomo’s alleged victims said. “This is a conflict of interest and it is unacceptable.”

Katz said the connection between Governor Cuomo and Dennis Glazer calls into question the legitimacy of the entire investigation.

“We already know that Governor Andrew Cuomo is surrounded by individuals who hid sexual harassment evidence for years., she said. “If there is just the smallest hint of political involvement into his investigation, it will destroy the process.”

In addition to the sexual allegations, the Democratic governor is also under federal investigation for his handling of the covid pandemic after his secretary Melissa DeRosa admitted that his office hid the nursing home death toll to prevent retribution from former President Trump.

Despite continuing pressure from even his own party to resign, Cuomo, who is eligible for a fourth term in 2022, has promised not to resign, saying the accusations against him are false.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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