Democrat Exposes True Feelings for Illegal Immigrants–You Won’t Believe the Reason

Democrats fight tooth and nail to prevent Donald Trump from ending illegal immigration. They claim it’s because they are being compassionate to people in need. Yet they turn a blind eye to the horrors that result from illegal immigration. One House Democrats just admitted what he really thinks about illegal immigrants. It will shock you.

The left frequently attacks Donald Trump over immigration. They accuse the president of being anti-immigration. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Andy child can tell you there is a very real difference between legal and illegal immigration. Every last Trump supporter believes in supporting safe and legal immigration.

Only Democrats seem to have a hard time seeing a difference between people who come here legally and people who jump the border.

Every measure Trump has put forward to secure the border, tighten immigration rules, and reward legal immigrants has been blocked by Democrats. Congress refuses to reform our immigration laws and fix the many holes in the system. They refuse to provide funding to finish the border wall.

They even launch lawsuits to stop Trump’s lawful executive orders regarding immigration.

It seems like Democrats will bend heaven and earth—even violate their Constitutional powers—so long as they’re helping… non-Americans.

But a Democrat from New Jersey just exposed how they really feel about immigrants. In one statement he both insulted all Americans and the people coming to this country.

“There are a lot of jobs in our community, that like it or not, for better or for worse, Americans are not willing to take,” [Tom] Malinowski said in a video obtained by the Washington Examiner…

“Who do you think is mowing our beautiful lawns in Somerset County? We don’t usually ask, but a lot of those workers are undocumented.”

After one attendee mentioned that he works at a children’s coding training program called “Code Ninjas,” Malinowski joked that they were a “bunch of elitists” who aren’t “going to mow lawns.” [Source: Fox News]

Wow. That’s really unbelievable. His statement echoes words Robert “Beto” O’Rourke once said, claiming we “need” illegals to do that jobs Americans refuse to do. How insulting. Americans are hard-working people who want to support their families. I’ve known many citizens who are willing to bus tables, flip burgers, mow laws, or do whatever it takes to make sure their families had what they needed.

To say that Americans are not willing to take certain jobs is an out-right lie. A common scheme used by Democrats to support illegal entry into our country.

But then he makes it worse by suggesting illegal immigrants only exist to serve elitists like him! Oh, really, Tom? You think illegal immigrants should only mow lawns? I thought your party was defending illegals because they deserve the same dignity and respect as Americans?

Yet you betray your own motives when you say they are only here to mow lawns. Malinowski is suggesting illegals can only do menial work—that they’re not qualified or capable of doing anything else.

That’s pretty insulting, Tom. Or do you only want illegal immigration so you can save money on your landscaping bills?

When an attendee mentioned his job training kids to code, the congressman called those children “elitists” who won’t mow lawns. Uh… wow. This guy is really out of touch. Who does he think he is, judging both Americans and illegals?

But it’s good that he said this. It exposes the real attitude Democrats have against us and illegal immigrants. Democrats—by and large—are elitists who have little respect for hard-working Americans or immigrants. They talk down to us, force terrible policy onto our communities, and insult us when we demand change.

They want to exploit illegal immigration—and the terrible fallout from it—so they can get their lawns mowed. They never intend to see illegals rising up to higher stations in our society. Malinowski is essentially admitting Democrats want illegals in America—so they can become a new servant class.

It’s an ugly thing to say, but hey—he said it—not me.

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