Democrat State Decriminalizes Hard Drugs

By Chicks On Right Staff November 5th, 2020 | Image Source : Chicks On Right

Oregon has decriminalized certain amounts of drug possession charges for all “illegal” drugs The Daily Caller reported.

60% of voters in Oregon have voted to decriminalize “non-commercial” amounts of methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine, among others.

Those caught with the specified amount of narcotics face only a $100 fine, however, the penalty can be superseded by undergoing a health assessment.

Drug Policy Alliance tweeted, “Oregon made history tonight by becoming the first state to decriminalize drug possession! Our c4 @DrugPolicyAct led this campaign with @voteYESon110 to make this visionary initiative a reality!”

New Jersey and Arizona voted to decriminalize marijuana, and Washington D.C. made hallucinogenic mushrooms legal in 2020.

More from Daily Caller:

Oregon residents on Tuesday voted to decriminalize certain possession amounts of hard drugs.

“This victory is truly transformative,” the advocacy group continued.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden won the state of Oregon, according to both the Associated Press and the New York Times.

Author: Chicks On Right Staff

Source: Chicks On Right: Meth, Heroine, And Cocaine All Set To Be Decriminalized In Democrat State Of Oregon, No Longer A Crime To Possess

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