Democrat Strategist Panics Over Biden’s Incoming Destruction

A DNC fundraising strategist said on Thursday to reporters that the Democrat Party is “f***ed in the midterms if we do not get s*** passed soon.”

The panic and vulgarity come as Democrats are desperately struggling to fix unemployment, inflation, the border problem, and the covid-19 origin scandal as congressional gridlock has kept the left focused on possibly losing the upcoming 2022 midterms to conservatives.

“It is only frustration., top Democrat, Kelly Dietrich, said.

The liberal media excused this frustration as only “a hangover after removing Trump from office and coming out of the worst of the covid-19 pandemic.”

But now this frustration is turning inward. Just this Wednesday, Congress-member Mondaire Jones (D-NY) told President Biden he must get more involved in supporting the radical-left agenda, like federalizing elections, to which President Biden apparently “just kind of stared” at Jones, not having anything to say.

On immigration, Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) tweeted that VP Kamala Harris’ remarks about the Northern Triangle were “disappointing.”

“Wanting asylum at a United States border is a 100% legal path of arrival., Ocasio-Cortez responded to the Vice President’s comments.

AOC has also came out against Biden for negotiating with conservatives on infrastructure, saying the time he spent negotiating is “setting the earth on fire” and “destroying voting rights.”

Meanwhile, a group of Democrat and Republican congressional leaders said this week that they made a deal with President Biden on a possible infrastructure program, but the deal will end many of the Trojan Horse items that the radical left wants.

Polling shows that Biden’s 2022 ticket is not popular with independents in swing states, while the GOP is more “engaged” than Democrats, increasing Republican confidence before the upcoming midterms.

Another poll from May suggests that Americans increasingly see Biden as a far-leftist on policy now that he is actually in power, with polls giving a ten percent increase since late in 2019.

Author: Blake Ambrose