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Vaccine passports will not be forced on citizens of Florida, according to Governor DeSantis in a recent press conference.

“I just want to be clear that in Florida, we are not allowing vaccine passports,” Gov. DeSantis stated during his news conference. “I think it is a terrible idea. It will not happen. And so people should get vaccinated and if they want to, obviously give that proof. But the state will not be asking you to give proof of vaccination

“And I don’t believe companies should be doing that,” said DeSantis. “So we are going to investigate how we can protect Floridians. But I do believe it would be a big problem if we went down the agenda of vaccine passports.”

A ‘vaccine passport’ is a paper that shows if someone has got the COVID-19 vaccine. The idea being that a vaccine passport would force individuals to get the vaccine in order to travel or attend events.

DeSantis says he disagrees with restrictions being proposed in other states.

“Some other states are requiring vaccine proof or a negative covid test to attend sporting and other events. To be requiring this passport document to go to normal events, that’s not how we get back to normal. So we are saying no to any vaccine passports in Florida,” said DeSantis.

DeSantis gave the same message during his health roundtable in Tallahassee, where he asked experts about the vaccines and the vaccine passport.

“People don’t need to worry in the State of Florida. And if people start doing it privately, we might have a role to play there too because I think it’s unacceptable,” said Gov. DeSantis.

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