Democratic Congressman Hit with More Scandals — Makes Stunning Move

House Democrat Katie Hill has been fighting an ethics probe over an alleged relationship with a staffer. She was forced to admit to another affair with a campaign aide after racy photos were revealed. Now, even more ethics complaints have come out against her. Facing growing odds, the representative took a stunning turn.

Katie Hill was on the House Ethics Committee. This committee is responsible for setting ethic standards for its own members. Ironic that Hill was accused of violating those very ethics when it came out that she had an extramarital affair with one of her male staffers.

She denied these allegations but was forced to admit that she did have an affair—along with her husband—with a woman during her campaign. It seems she only admitted to this because nude photos were published. You really can’t deny something when there’s photographic evidence!

All this sparked an ethics probe into the congresswoman’s affairs. For a time, it seemed like Hill was going to fight it. Then this happened.

U.S. Rep. Katie Hill, the California Democrat embroiled in a legal battle over the publication of nude photos, and facing a House ethics probe over an alleged affair with a male aide, paid a $5,100 “election bonus” to the aide in April, according to reports.

In addition, Hill used her “influence” to help her husband get a series of jobs at the nonprofit agency where she worked prior to being elected, according to court documents. [Source: Fox News]

Uh-oh! You can deny a relationship all you want, as long as there’s no proof. But when money is involved, you’re in big trouble. Because money leaves what we call a paper trail and House investigators can very discover if she did pay this man an “election bonus.”

Same thing with getting her soon-to-be exhusband’s special treatment. There will be evidence that she scored favors to get him jobs.

Honestly, sexual scandals would not have been enough to get the House to do anything against Hill. But money? Special favors? They can’t have that! It looks like these allegations would have doomed Hill’s career in no time.

Seeing the writing on the wall, the California Democrat decided to throw in the towel.

Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., announced her resignation Sunday after a string of reports shining a negative light on her personal life, including a reported affair with her legislative director that sparked a House Ethics Committee investigation.

Hill tweeted on Sunday evening, “It is with a broken heart that today I announce my resignation from Congress…” She is expected to step down by the end of this week. [Source: Fox News]

You have to wonder how a freshman congresswoman thought she could get away with so many apparent violations. Two affairs? One with an employee? Giving extra money to a man you’re sleeping with. And pulling strings to get your husband jobs?

It just keeps piling up! I guess she thought she could get away with all of it because Democrats have such low moral standards. As long as you say the “right” progressive talking points, they’ll ignore your many sins (just look at how they ignored Harvey Weinstein for years).

Is this the best the Democratic Party can produce in 2019? Yes, yes it is.

Nancy Pelosi commented on the mountain of scandals by saying Hill committed “errors in judgment.” Um… it’s much worse than that, Nance. When you park your car in a handicap spot, that is an error in judgment.

But sleeping with two people you’re not married to, giving out bonus cash to a lover, and seeking special treatment for your husband—those are much worse than simple “errors.”

Funny how Nancy refused to acknowledge these massive ethics violations for what they really are.

But, then again, this isn’t the first Democrat in Congress caught with their pants down. But it is one of the first women to get caught.

I guess them girls got to stick together.

At least we can be happy that one swamp dweller is gone.

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