Democrats Ambush Kavanaugh — And This Time It’s Personal

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, R.I., called on Merrick Garland, President Biden’s new attorney general, to look into the FBI’s fake investigation into accusations that SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted another student in high school.

The Rhode Island Democrat claimed the FBI’s investigation into Kavanaugh was incomplete, and asked for a more thorough investigation into Kavanaugh.

The push could cause the Justice Department to answer questions about their Kavanaugh investigation, though they might not re-investigate the issue.

The Senate Judiciary Committee published their final report on the Kavanaugh investigation in November 2018, saying it had “no evidence” to support the claims against him.

But some liberals are saying the FBI did not conduct do a comprehensive background check on Kavanaugh and did not interview Kavanaugh or Ford as part of their investigation.

Whitehouse’s letter claims some people were not able to give their witness accounts to the FBI.

“This was strange behavior, as the FBI is normally amenable to evidence; but the shutters were shut, the drawbridge brought up, and there was no way members of the public or even Congress could give information to the FBI,” Whitehouse stated in his message to Garland.

He also mentioned the FBI’s “tip line,” saying that lawmakers did not know enough about how the FBI would evaluate allegations and how they reviewed the information it got through the tipline.

“This ‘tip line’ seems to have worked like a garbage chute, with everything coming down it being consigned without review,” the Democratic lawmaker said.

Whitehouse then demanded answers about “why, how, and at whose order” did the FBI conduct a “fake” investigation if normal procedures were ignored, including standards for allegations made through “tip lines.”

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