Democrats Are Openly Planning To Steal Next Year’s Midterms [Video]

All the signs are indicating that the GOP is likely going to have a huge win in the upcoming midterms.

Biden’s numbers are in the toilet and surveys show that Americans think that Republicans are now a better choice than the Dems.

That does not leave the Dems with many options. Of course, what they might do is listen to people about their policies and alter them to things that are more sensible. But that won’t happen anytime soon. So what they have been attempting to do instead is put lipstick on a pig and get the news media to help them.

They believe if the media is more positive about Biden’s disasters, they can then cover it up somewhat better and not lose in the midterms.

But now one of MSNBC’s contributors has gone even further than simply painting Biden positively during his tv appearance on Joy Reid’s program. Listen as conservative political contributor Dr. Jason Johnson speaks about what is a federal takeover of elections to “save the upcoming election.”

“This is a true emergency,” Johnson says. He then says what the Joe Biden team must send in federal officials.

“And I know this is something that has not been done for 60 years, but when the federal government said Brown vs. Board of Education, we must integrate schools? They sent in the troops. They sent in federal officials to areas and said, you will allow black kinds into the schools.”

“So for this government, for the Biden White House to save next year’s elections, they are going to have to get aggressive and they are creative about guarding people’s rights.”

Let us be clear on what is being said here. Nobody is getting denied the ability to vote except in someone’s over-active imagination. Translate what Johnson is stating: Even if the court finds there is not a problem, Johnson wants the Biden White House to have to step in and initiate a federal takeover to “save” state level elections.

Talk about an “attack on democracy” — you are hearing it being admitted to in front of you. He is saying ignore any legal finding and impose their federal will. Yes, Dr. Johnson, the right will possibly scream about this unconstitutional action to undermine the election. And they will be right to do so!

Author: Steven Sinclaire