Democrats Bankrupt Republicans — Move Forward With Takeover Plot

A former federal prosecutor has started an organization that wants to pressure businesses to state that President Biden fairly beat former President Trump in November.

Glenn Kirschner, a former U.S. attorney and now MSNBC pundit, started the campaign earlier this month.

“The Democracy Pledge is a small commitment that companies and businesses can make to support democracy by supporting the legitimacy of the election,” reads the group’s website. “It’s a pledge to not help those who want to tear down democracy for their own gain.”

Few organizations have signed the commitment, with most being small companies.

Companies involved also promise not to “donate to or help political campaigns or political action committees that spread conspiracy theories about the 2020 elections.”

“What we are attempting to do is force corporations so they cannot stay agnostic,” Kirschner said to HuffPost.

Over 130 GOP lawmakers who signed on to the Texas AG’s lawsuit in January would be among the boycott, Kirschner stated. Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, both of whom did not certify Biden’s victory, are also targeted.

“You cannot support Trump and say you are in favor of fair elections,” Kirschner said. “If you are supporting him, you do not support democracy.”

A number of business that have not signed the promise have promised to stop donations to the GOP members who did not certify Joe Biden’s victory.

“After the terrible events at the Capitol, NetPAC stopped all contributions while performing a review. After that review, the NetPAC board has concluded it will not make contributions to any lawmaker who voted against certification,” a Google spokesperson said in January.

The Democracy Pledge seems to be just another one of Kirschner’s plans to hurt Republicans and Trump. In September, he said that Trump was criminally responsible for people died of COVID-19 and urged officials to file charges.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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