Democrats Caught Funneling Money To a Very Powerful Place

A group of GOP lawmakers have sent a letter to the liberal-leaning group Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), urging them to explain where their hundreds of millions of dollars went during the pandemic, claiming the group spent under one percent on personal protective equipment.

The letter was led by Republican New York Congresswoman Claudia Tenney along with 13 other Republicans. The letter says that CTCL sent $350 million to almost 2,500 election officials nationwide in 2020. The Republicans asked the CTCL to promptly give their full financial 990s for review, stating that it is the organization’s legal obligation to do so.

“Many entities have reported spending your money on things as unrelated to the pandemic as advertising, creating absentee ballots, registering voters, and even pay increases and new vehicles. An elections supervisor in Georgia, said that CTCL was ‘lenient about what we could spend the money on. They put no restrictions as long as it is concerning the election.’ Furthermore, it seems that 92% of CTCL grants went to overwhelmingly blue precincts., the letter says.

“Pennsylvania State Rep. Eric Nelson had concerns with particular locations getting disproportionate funds, saying ‘It was disturbing to me that a private money distribution was going on, and it was not being done evenly across counties,’” the letter says.

“These concerns and other reports have caused red flags to go up and states are now working to stop this sort of outside investment in the future. As of now, twelve states have or will soon introduce legislation to prevent election officials from taking in private funds. Given the serious issues surrounding CTCL grants, it is very vital that your organization quickly releases its full financial numbers so the people can properly review the influence of this $350 million during the previous election., they added in their letter.

Author: Steven Sinclaire