Democrats Continue To Strikeout With Middle America On Impeachment

Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Editor’s Note: This column was co-authored by Congressman Alex Mooney (R-WV).

Democrats have resorted to focus groups in key battleground states to try and come up with an impeachable charge against President Trump. After throwing around “collusion,” “obstruction of justice,” and “quid pro quo,” they had decided to claim that President Trump committed “bribery” or “extortion.” But, Nancy Pelosi can’t really explain what the bribery was. Now they are rallying around the term, “attempted bribery.” They continue to strike out with middle America.

Americans realize that the Democrats have been attempting the slowest moving coup in the history of the world against President Trump.

Democrats have chased their own tail for more than three years now to satisfy their spite of the President. Congressman Al Green (D-TX) invoked impeachment just months after President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. The Leftists immediately joined Hillary Clinton in concocting a fallacious story of “Russian collusion.” Odd, isn’t it? The only Russian collusion was instigated by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

The day that President Trump was inaugurated, The Washington Post highlighted formalized efforts to impeach President Trump, who hadn’t even served a day in office. Mark Zaid, the attorney for the “whistleblower” and alleged illegal leaker of classified information whose comments are now forming the basis for the impeachment inquiry, joined in the calls for impeachment almost three years ago with a series of tweets calling for a “coup” and stating, “impeachment will follow ultimately.”

Former FBI Director and leaker James Comey manipulated the press, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein into appointing a Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, to investigate Trump for nearly two years. The Mueller investigation emasculated the then-prevailing theory of attack on President Trump by finding that there was no “collusion,” cooperation, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

Immediately, Democrats argued that there had been obstruction of justice by the President. But, in applying federal statutes and Department of Justice guidelines, it was determined that there was not obstruction of justice as the President did not have the requisite culpable mental state to obstruct justice. And besides, people accused of crimes can defend themselves.

Having repeatedly struck out in their coup attempts, Democrats brought in their pinch hitter to relitigate the Mueller investigation: the House Judiciary Committee. But, time and again, Democrats were embarrassed. The Mueller hearing was one of the worst political flops ever. Its sequel, the Corey Lewandowski hearing, proved even more embarrassing to the Democrats. It was so damaging that Speaker Nancy Pelosi removed the impeachment effort from Chairman Jerry Nadler and gave it to the maniacal Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee.

Schiff’s team met with the purported “whistleblower” and may have helped craft the complaint which is the basis for the latest at bat by the Democrat impeachment team. As with the other at bats over the past three years, the Democrats continue to strike out.

They swung wildly with their quid pro quo farce. They actually swung at a pitch that hit them when they conducted closed-door hearings, denying due process to the President and limiting the participation of Republicans.

The two public hearings this past week were strike three for the Democrats. They were duds. Democrat witnesses admitted that they had no firsthand information about the latest hair-on-fire claims of the Democrats.

You may be wondering how many at bats the Democrats get. Because they have the majority in the House, and because they hate this President more than they love this country, and because they have a propensity to make up the rules of the game as they go along, they will keep throwing batters up there no matter how many times they strike out. There are no rules that apply to the Democrats any longer.

And finally, in an act that admits that they need to bring in a free agent, slugging first baseman, the Democrats have started polling on what language they should use to try and find a publicly acceptable, impeachable charge against President Trump. At some point, they should admit that the season is lost and turn their attention to next season: the 2020 elections. Oh, but they aren’t excited about their team for 2020 either.

Author: Congressman Andy Biggs

Source: Town Hall: Dems Continue to Strike Out With Middle America on Impeachment

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