Democrats Cross a Terrifying Line — They Can Never Come Back From This

Coronavirus immunization status is now deciding who gets medical care in some situations, according to a terrible new report from the Washington Post.

UCHealth, a Colorado hospital network, is denying transplants to people who are unvaccinated in “almost every situation.”

“In almost all circumstances, transplant patients and living donors at UCHealth are now forced to be vaccinated against coronavirus in addition to meeting other requirements and getting more vaccinations,” a spokesman for UCHealth said in a comment.

UCHealth explained that people who get an organ transplant are at a “very high risk for covid” and said that the death rate for transplant patients who get infected with the covid is between 18% and 32%.

“This is why it is crucial for the recipient and any living donor to be vaccinated and have other precautions before having a transplant surgery,” the hospital’s comment explained. “Surgeries might be postponed until people accept the required precautions to give them the best chances at a positive outcome.”

The rules made headlines this week after Republican Congressman Tim Geitner (Colo.) announced that the hospital denied a kidney transplant to a woman due to her not receiving the coronavirus vaccine.

In a comment, Geitner said the practice was “disgusting.”

He shared a letter the patient got last week from the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.

In this letter, the hospital said:

“The transplant team at University of Colorado Hospital has decided it is needed to put you as inactive on the kidney waiting list. You are inactivated for non-compliance by refusing to get the COVID vaccine. You have 30 days to start the vaccination series. If your choice is to refuse the vaccination you will be taken off of the kidney transplant wait list. You will keep accruing time, but you won’t get a kidney while also being inactive. Once you get the COVID vaccine you will get reactivated on the list.”

The hospital did confirm this week that “almost all transplant recipients and donors are required to get vaccinated against covid.”

Author: Scott Dowdy