Democrats Demand Parler Reveal Investors and Creditors

Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), the chair of the House Oversight Committee, sent a letter to Parler COO Jeffrey Wernickon demanding the company reveal its financial backers.

“In the time before the assault on the Capitol, Parler users called for violence and even ‘civil war,’” she began her letter.

“An analysis by USA Today indicates a strong link between President Trump’s speech on January 6 and a significant increase in calls for violence on your platform,” she added. “Right after President Trump urged his supporters to ‘show strength’, the phrase ‘civil war’ went into the top five most frequently used phrases on Parler.”

The lawmaker then mentioned that “after the riots, many Parler users have been arrested, with the DOJ citing numerous threats that individuals made through Parler in the days prior to the attack.”

While Maloney goes for Parler, she seems to have no interest in other platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which people also used to organize the Capitol Hill protest — according to even the FBI themselves.

But the lawmaker has chosen to focus on only Parler — the one social platform that is very popular with conservatives after Twitter permanently banned President Trump.

In her message, Maloney claims that Parler “let Russian disinformation flourish on its website prior to the election, facilitating Russia’s goal of sowing chaos in America.”

“Individuals with links to the riots should not be allowed to hide behind the anonymity of shell companies,” said Maloney.

“More than that, according to a recent report, the ‘Trump Organization discussed making Parler his primary social platform, but it had one condition: an ownership in the company in return for signing up,’” she said. “These negotiations occurred while Trump was in office, which experts have said could be in violation of anti-bribery laws.”

“Parler offered Trump a 40% ownership stake, but those negotiations ‘were derailed by the Capitol Hill riots.’” wrote Maloney.

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