Democrats Deploy Hostile Takeover Of The Supreme Court — Their Reason Why Will Blow Your Mind

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) is requesting that Congress expand the Supreme Court by up to four seats. Warren says that this expansion of the U.S. high court is needed because it currently “leans toward extremism.”

This Wednesday, Warren said via Twitter, “Republicans hijacked our Supreme Court to threaten the basic liberties and the foundation of our democracy. There is just one way to rebalance this broken court and restore its former integrity: We need to #ExpandTheCourt.”

The far-left senator from Massachusetts is very concerned about the report that conservatives on the Supreme Court have signaled that they might reverse the 1973 Roe v. Wade case about abortion rights.

“Republicans steal power to force through unpopular and extreme agendas. Basic safeguards like Roe v. Wade, supported by around 70 percent of Americans, are now hanging by a small thread,” Warren said in her video. “And that is only the tip of the iceberg.”

Warren labeled the Supreme Court “radical,” and said it “opened floodgates for companies to spend unlimited amounts of money to fix our elections.”

She said, “This is not the court that represents the American people.”

“The only true solution is to expand the U.S. Supreme Court,” Warren said, saying it will increase the total amount of justices from nine to 13.

On this same day, Warren said in an op-ed called: “Expand the Supreme Court.”

“I do not come to this conclusion lightly or since I disagree with any one decision; I come to it because I think the current court is a threat to our democratic foundations,” Warren said about the Supreme Court that now has a conservative majority of 6-3.

Warren alleged the High Court has “outright dismantled our rights in this nation,” and described it as being an “extremist court.”

“This court leans toward partisanship and extremism,” she stated, “Without reforms, the current 6-3 conservative supermajority will keep threatening basic liberties for many decades to come.”

Warren also said that if the Supreme Court is not altered, it might “destroy the federal government’s power to fight climate change.”

Author: Blake Ambrose