Democrats Destroy Their Own COVID Narrative

Democrats have voted down a requirement for illegals to get tested for the coronavirus after passing through the border.

GOP Rep. Steve Scalise (LA) made the surprising announcement on Twitter:

This news will likely increase the damage from the border crisis, which is impacting American’s health. A leader inside FEMA has said that as much as 6% of migrants are COVID-19 positive when going through the border.

“Testing is happening,” FEMA Administrator Robert Fenton stated at a congressional hearing. “What we are witnessing is under 6% positive right now.”

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also said humanitarian concerns for the illegals take priority over national security concerns.

“We are turning away most families and single adults. We are not turning away unaccompanied minors. We are using the CDC public health authority to protect the American public, the children and protecting our border. But we have more to do,” Mayorkas said.

Conservative news outlets have previously reported on Mayorkas’ radical far-left stance on immigration and now that he is heading the DHS, and the Democrats have the power they need to push open border insanity. And in the end, allow great damage to be done to the nation.

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