Democrats’ Election Stealing Attempt Ends In Total Disaster

The Democratic challenger of Iowa Republican Rep. Miller-Meeks is removing her election contest in the race she lost by only six votes out of over 394,000 votes cast.

Rita Hart this week revoked her challenge over Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District after it was clear that some House Democrats were not interested in overturning the election results.

The move comes almost three months after Miller-Meeks entered office. House Republicans have accused Democrats, in the majority, of trying to change a fair election.

“Despite our attempts to have everyone’s vote matter, the disinformation campaign to undermine this investigation of the closest election in 100 years has censored the opinions and votes of Iowans,” Hart said. “It is a shame that the truth did not succeed.”

Now that Miller-Meeks is seated for her term and the 2020 election finally over. Democrats have 219 seats, and Republicans have 211 and five vacancies.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy visited Miller-Meeks’s district, and said there was no cause to alter the race’s outcome.

“Would they do this if they didn’t have a majority?” McCarthy asked. “Because in the end, Iowans made a choice. And it’s their voice, and they have a right to have Miller-Meeks keep serving them.”

Meanwhile, House Republicans’ campaign arm, the National Republican Congressional Committee, said the Iowa issue could be used against Democrats going forward.

“We are happy Rita Hart finally got wise and accepted the truth: Iowa selected Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks,” said a NRCC message. “We won’t let voters forget that Democrats will do anything to subvert democracy if they have a chance.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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