Democrats Freak Out After Pompeo Announces His Future

Most lists of possible Republican candidates for 2024 has Mike Pompeo included somewhere.

Yet Pompeo says he is not thinking about 2024 much at all, instead he is focused on next year’s midterms, to ensure the GOP gets a huge comeback and takes control of congress.

“I will use my time to fight to make sure we regain the House and maybe the Senate too in 2022,” he told reporters.

“A GOP Congress will give protection against what it seems Biden is planning on doing — which is allowing the progressive section of the Democratic Party to control his domestic policy.”

Recalling his time as a GOP congressman from Kansas, Pompeo said that “we must regain the majority. If we do that, and the Senate, it will be great for the American people.”

Pompeo started his 2022 agenda by visiting Nebraska to raise money for Rep. Don Bacon.

“I will help Don and other leaders win this summer and during the next election.”

Pompeo doesn’t hide his plan to get involved in contested GOP primaries on behalf of candidates he likes.

He noted “I have endorsed my good friend Sarah Sanders during her race for Arkansas governor.”

He went on to express his belief that contested primaries are actually a good thing.

“It’s great when you have numerous conservative candidates. They should make their opinions known and they should make their case for the movement and what they can accomplish — not only what they believe.”

He then quoted his hero, William F. Buckley, saying that conservatives should vote for “the most conservative, viable candidate.”

While not mentioning a presidential run directly, the former secretary of state did say “when it’s the right time, we will think about that.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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