Democrats Freak Out Over What Is Happening In Virginia

With polls showing a much tighter than expected race for the governorship of Virginia, even outsiders to the state now have plenty of reason to be watching it.

The nation’s 12th most populous state is turning into a bellwether for the failing Biden presidency. It has turned into a ground zero of sorts for the overall fight for parents’ right to control their kid’s education, and the outcome might well be a harbinger of what happens in the upcoming midterms to keep control of the House and Senate.

And this week, an insider of Virginia politics gave a prediction on the race that might have both sides being on high alert.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Ken Cuccinelli, who is the former Virginia AG and the GOP candidate for governor back in 2013, said the time was perfect for a “Republican sweep” in the state, putting the governor’s office, lieutenant governor’s office and state AG within Republican hands.

Glenn Youngkin is the GOP’s candidate for governor, Winsome Sears is the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor, and Jason Miyares is going for the attorney general office.

The Dem candidate, Terry McAuliffe, has already served as governor (he won against Cuccinelli in 2013). He is a cog in the Clinton machine, an allow of the former president and first lady who has worked against the role of parents in public schools. During his debate in Sept., he declared that “I am not going to allow parents to come into schools and actually take books and make their own choices.”

Since in Virginia that supposedly means allowing schools to spread anti-white hate along with sexual filth, that us pretty much the opposite of what most parents probably believe about their role in their kid’s schooling.

But it sums up very accurately how Dems believe in the power of government to solve problems.

The fact that a local question such as school district policies are now a major part of the national discussion shows how out of touch Democrats are on topics that truly matter. Under the Biden White House, it has come to the time where the U.S. attorney general has threatened to use the FBI against parents, labeling them as “domestic terrorists” for trying to criticize their own elected school leaders. These trends do not bode well for Democrats in 2022 or 2024.

Author: Steven Sinclaire