Democrats Get Away With Their Most Disgusting Agenda Yet

A Washington science teacher has handed out a flyer to middle school children telling them they can get birth control and abortions at any age without their parents agreeing or knowing.

Jason Rantz, from KTTH 770AM/94.5 FM in Tacoma, revealed Wednesday that students in a Stewart Middle School got a flyer, which spoke about various topics concerning sex, including condom use, emergency contraception, and abortion.

The flyer, which led a parent to subsequently publish the paper on social media, stressed the abortion statement, “You don’t need to get permission from your parent at any age.”

“You can purchase Plan B Emergency Contraception at pharmacies without having a prescription and at any age., the flyer also said. “You can get condoms at any age.”

According to Rantz, the Public School district in Tacoma confirmed the flyer was real, and that it was created by abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

Eric Hogan, the assistant director for secondary education for the district, supposedly apologized to a parent through an email, saying the flyer was a mistake.

“The flyer is a part of our curriculum and should not have been given to students., he said in an email.

Hogan gave his explanation:

“Previously, Planned Parenthood taught inside our schools and gave the flyer which was then given to students at the time. We found that one binder was left behind, and this flyer was inside that binder. Not knowing the flyer was not approved material, the new teacher gave it to the students.”

“Corrective action was taken against this teacher., Hogan said.

Rantz, however, questioned how a teacher could make the decision to give the flyer at all:

“Giving out this flyer showed terrible judgment., Rantz wrote, questioning if the teacher“believed in pushing boundaries on what is taught to kids, under the belief that they know more than their parents.”

Author: Blake Ambrose