Democrats Give Out Staggering New Relief Checks — Will You Get One?

As the border problem continues, President Biden’s advisors keep trying to explain his open invitation of illegals.

But why do so many illegals try so hard to get here in the first place? That is a paradox the Democrats can never quite explain: They want us to feel guilty about our “evil” country, but we can’t even handle all the people trying to force their way in.

Well, here’s your answer:

New York this week announced a one-time payment of $15,600 to illegals who were unemployed during covid. The effort will be a $2.1 billion cost to the people of New York.

The NY Times notes, “It is difficult to quantify the number of undocumented families in New York.” Of course, they are undocumented after all, right? Weird!

Putting aside the ethical and moral problems with giving people a big reward for coming here illegally, how would this work? How do you prove someone is illegal or undocumented?

The whole thing is crazy, but if you are a New Yorker, I have no sympathy. You continue to elect these lunatics, and they keep screwing you over.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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